Plant Walk, June 2003

Led by Jeanne Stella and Walter, photos by Rich Frenkel and Marilyn Humphries

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Photos by Rich Frenkel...

Red Clover

Dyer's Green weed and Pasture Rose

Alder Buckthorn

Hay scented fern


Bush Honeysuckle

Field Hawkweed

Panicled Dogwood

Halberd-leaved Tearthumb

Spreading Dogbane

Toad Flax

Japanese Beetles

Sheep Laurel

Pale Corydalis

Pasture Rose

Staghorn Summac flowering

Sweet Pepper Bush w/ last years fruit "peppers"

Multiflora Rose

Walkers and Jeanne

Whorled Loostrife

Wild Lilly of the Valley



Just for fun, here are some pictures of plants above. See if you can identify them


Photos by Marylin Humphries...